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The appreciation of the heritage is not confined to their rehabilitation and conservation, spending, increasingly, for projects to their interaction with the region in which they operate and the appreciation of the historical heritage as an economic resource, namely the creation of tourism products associated therewith.
Within these principles, we develop activities in four main sectors: Conservation and Restoration, Training, Creative tourism - artistic experiences, activities for children and youth. We conducted more than 400 interventions in the areas of painting, wood carving, stone carving, gold leaf, pottery and graphic documents and integrated projects to exploit and disseminate Heritage. Training courses at various levels, has trained more than 3,000 professionals in areas related to the appreciation of heritage. 

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Our mission is the development of projects of conservation, management, appreciation and disclosure of the Historical and Artistic Patrimony, in cooperation with local, national and international institutions and adhering to the most rigorous ethical and deontological principles.

Conservation and Restoration

Conservation and Restoration work carried out by multidisciplinary teams composed of technical experts in the various types of labor and materials in presence and with scientific and technical support from our partners

Cultural Projects

Design and implementation of projects aimed at the enhancement of historic and artistic heritage as a cultural and economic resource. Collaborate with our  institution specialized technics  in the areas of cultural tourism, education, cultural marketing, communication and multimedia..

Tourism Projects

Creating artistic experiences  addressed to the tourist market, where they reproduce the traditional techniques used in a particular historical and artistic work

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