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Conservation and Restoration

More than 400 interventions in the areas of painting (canvas and board), wood carving, stone carving, gold leaf, pottery, archaeological ceramics, graphic documents.
International protocols with the Istituto per l'Arte e il Restoration in  Florenza -the Palazzo Spinelli, the Cultural Heritage Tourism -Association of Florence. These protocols represent not only the recognition of  work and its strict principles, but also the guarantee of permanent exchange of information with different professionals and scientific experts of international renown.
We are staffed by professionals with high  technical background, quality and rigorous ethical concerns.
A privileged center of knowledge and technologies related to Heritage area thereby ensuring the highest ethical standards and quality in all interventions.

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ProjectosIntegrated projects for  upgrading and managing the  historic and artistic heritage ranging from the diagnosis  and  assessment of promotion and management of monuments, archives, museums and places of historical interest  and events.  
We highlight the training and educational activities for children and young people such as the "Project to raise awareness of heritage preservation" aimed at primary schools in the city of Porto and the project "The Mural in the Romanesque Route - educational activities", awareness and experimentation aimed at students of the primary school  of the region and Tâmega Sousa.

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