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Treasures of Architecture  from Egypt to Byzantium


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Duration – 25/30 hours (estimated time)

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Author – Diana Ferreira (view CV abstract)

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At the end of this course, participants will be able to recognise architectural styles, as well as the history, culture and art of the best architectural and touristic examples in the world, within each style analysed.



This course is intended for those who wish to begin to build a basis of knowledge concerning architecture and tourism or deepen their interests (professionals who are engaged in activities related to History and Art History, Museography, Conservation and Restoration, Tourism professionals and all interested in the subject).



• Module 0 - Architectural Panorama

• Module 1 -The Great Pyramid of Giza

1.1 The architecture of the Pharaohs

1.1.1 The importance of River Nile

1.1.2 Evolution of the funerary construction

1.1.3 The craftsmen

1.2 The Great Pyramid of Giza - Giza

1.2.1 Location

 1.2.2 Function

1.2.3 Mysteries

1.2.4 Workforce

1.2.5 Interiors

1.2.6 The Sphinx

• Module 2 -The Temple of Amun

2.1 Egyptian temples

2.1.1 Plan

2.1.2 Decoration

2.2 The Temple of Amon - Karnak

2.1.1 History

2.1.2 Plan

2.1.3 Religious centre of the Empire

• Module 3 - The Parthenon

3.1 Greek architecture

3.1.1 The Gods

3.2 The Parthenon - Athens

3.2.1 History

3.2.2 Plan

3.2.3 Entasis

3.2.4 Decoration

3.2.5 Functions

• Module 4 - The Colosseum

 4.1 The architecture of the Great Roman Empire

4.1.1 Influences

4.1.2 Objective

4.2 The Colosseum - Rome

 4.2.1 History

4.2.2 Plan

4.2.3 Function

4.2.4 Organization

 4.2.5 Cages

• Module 5 - Hagia Sophia Basilica

5.1 Byzantine architecture

5.1.1 The division of the Roman Empire

5.1.2 Christianity

5.1.3 Golden mosaics

5.2 The Hagia Sofia – Istanbul

5.2.1 History

5.2.2 Interiors



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