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The Centro Luso Italiano de Conservação e Restauro develops projects for children and young people enabling an awareness of the historical and artistic heritage and to develop their manual and artistics skills.


The actions are performed by experts in the various fields and their contents are directed in order to integrate them as curricular assistance or  as free time activities.


Activities designed for the project "Porto de Crianças", aimed at children of the 1st cycle of basic education, led to a theoretical learning through direct contact with the historical and cultural heritage of the city of Porto, coupled with new experiences with a more ludic character.


Developed Workshops:

- Ilustration (learning various techniques to develop pictorial illustration in its nature and interpretive; understanding of the technical Binding)


- Plaster sculpture ( 3 dimensional expression)


- Painting and restoration of tile (awareness for the preservation of the tile as part of our historical and artistic heritage)


- Experimental Archaeology (Castreja pottery workshop, rupestre art workshop, writing workshop, mask workshop, archaeologist for a day)

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