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The project The Mural Painting on Rota do Românico - Educational Activities was a way to sensitize and awake the younger audience for Heritage, in general, and to the Rota do Românico in particular.

It was based on artistic expression aimed at children of primary school, raise public awareness to the Historical and Artistic Heritage and for the development of their artistic and manual abilities.

This project was developed in various stages/actions:

  • Survey of the characteristics of Mural Painting of the monuments of Rota do Românico, on its historical, artistic, iconographic and formal aspects.


  • Based on this research work and, together with major programmatic objectives of primary school, the educational contents were developed tailored to these children.
  • It was created a mascot project that allowed identification by children in a fun way, of the project they are involved in


  • It was created adequate teaching materials: a handbook "A Pintura Mural na Rota do Românico", which uses appealing images and texts, explaining what is Rota do Românico, its monuments and the execution techniques of Mural Painting Fresco.


  • A didatic DVD in which children are led by "their" mascot to understand the mural painting over time and particulary at present in the monuments of Rota do Românico.


  • It was conceived diversified educational activities, fittings and materials that allowed the children in a playful way, to know and identify the historical and artistic heritage existing in their community and develop their artistic and manuals skills:

- Game Design (mounting monuments, identification of the region, coloring,..)

- Experimentation activities in conjuction with the contents and objectives of the 1st cycle of basic education and learning execution techniques of mural painting and    the physical and chemical processes inherent

- Individualized artistic activities in which children created "Sua Pintura Mural a Fresco"

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